Handmade Scrapbook - Magnolias Paper Pack - Dress My Craft

Hey guys!

Checkout my simple sober and superb handmade scrapbook(album) created using the Magnolias Paper pack by Dress My Craft.

Have a look at the inner pages and the complete video below:

Hope you enjoyed watching this creation :)

Keep loving, keep crafting!

Gatefold Birthday card - Color your day like BOB MARLEY!

Hello friends..!!

My recent creation is inspired by the colors of very famous - Bob Marley. Honestly, when client asked Bob Marley colors, I was blank 😆
I just Googled and found that there are three major colors used to define and represent him and his fans - Red, Yellow & Green.

So, here is my recent creation with those 3 prominent colors. I hope you like it just like the receiver did :)

I hope you enjoyed this!


Happy Friendship Day - Handmade Cards

Hello lovely people!!

It is that time of the year when we have so many occasions and festivals coming one after the other. One such upcoming day is FRIENDSHIP DAY!

A day to count on your blessings in form of your friends,
a day to appreciate them, which we usually do not do,
a day to pamper each other with gifts, cards, chocolates and lot of sweet messages.

So, here are some handmade friendship day cards which say a lot. The easiest way to pass on your feelings to your friend.

Have a look at these 6*6 cute cards:

These are all up for sale and to buy, you can message me on Facebook or drop me an email at



Raining wishes & blessings - Multiple fold Photofolio - DIY | Handmade Card

Hello Peeps!!

Weekend is around and here I am to give a dose of your satisfaction to your cravings and feed you with some creative juices. This time I have made a very interactive card - one of a kind to my work history. I won't call it an endless card but yes, it is an endlessly surprising card. Lot of wishes and opens and folds and amazing pictures.

So, have a look at this amazing 'sequence photo-folio card'

The complete video is here:


 I hope you enjoyed this beautiful creation. Do leave some love in comments if you actually loved this.

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How to use Papericious' Femina Paper Pack for different creations

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am here with a bit different post. I am going to showcase the creations I have created using a particular paper pack. 

Pick for today is FEMINA paper pack from Papericious and below given are the creations by me. It is exciting to see how you can use same papers differently in different creations and feel the newness every time. 

Here are some inspirations for you which I hope you like them all:

Creation 1: A simple Birthday card. Doesn't it look elegant?

handmade birthday card papericious papers

Creation 2: This is a card cum scrapbook I made using the same paper pack. 

Handmade birthday card cum scrapbook

Handmade birthday card cum scrapbook

Creation 3:
Creation 4:
Creation 5:

Creation 6:

These are the inspirations from me for the amazing Femina Paper Pack from Papericious. If  you have used this paper pack in your creation, do show your creations to this world. Post the pics in comments. :)

New inspirations coming soon. Keep watching this space for more. :)

Thank you for stopping by!
Keep smiling, keep crafting and keep inspiring :)