Bubbly & Cute Explosion Box - Surprise Gift for Best Friends Forever

A best friend is someone who will listen to your crap all the time, and will decode your silence better than you can do it yourself.
So, to appreciate such a friend, pampering her is the best you can do. Here is one of the best ways to do so - a customized and handmade explosion box.

This is a 5*5 inches 2 layered box which explains all of what you want to say to her.


I hope you like my new creation and appreciate the work I do. :)
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Best Friends Forever Scrapbook

Sometimes words are not enough to express what you feel for a person.
Sometimes you need a prop or a gift or some other mode of expression - say a letter...
We combine those expressions, love, feelings, letters and make a beautiful gift for your loved ones. This time it is a scrapbook.

This is 9*9 ready scrapbook with some photographs and spaces for messages to convey best of your feelings :)


Some pictures:

I hope you like this creation of mine.
Keep smiling & keep crafting!!


Love for Sikander Singh Gill - Explosion Box - the colorful joy

Hey peeps!!

Today I am presenting to you the very beautiful and dil se bnaya gaya gift box (explosion box) for our very ow rockstar of TV - Sikander Singh Gill - the main lead from Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.

The main lead is Mohit Mallik. We cannot meet you  sir but this is a small gesture from our side for being an amazing actor, for success of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and for being so humble and amazing.

This idea was initiated by my sister - Shefali Goyal who is his huge fan and then it was compiled by me. 

Here is the complete video of the box:


I hope everyone likes it.

Thank you for watching. Keep smiling, loving and crafting :)


Masculine explosion box with vintage effect!

Hello dear reader!

Today I am here with my new make - an explosion box with some pictures, messages and lot of love. :)

This is a 4.584.5 inches, double layered box. 
Without a delay, I would like to share the complete video of the same. Have a look:

I just loved the complete box. Do you?

Let me know in comments what you like the most about this box. 

Thank you for stopping by! Keep loving :)