LOVEly Creation - Love themed greeting card

Hello friends... I am here after a long long time. Many things were created, many were a flop idea :P but overall I enjoyed crafting around. Discovered many new things about crafts and moved a step ahead. :) Hope you all had a good time and I hope you will enjoy the year ahead. I promise, I will be regular from now. 
Here I have planned to show up one of my creations every week, with as much elaboration as possible. :)
Will need your feedback and appreciation and your ideas too. 
Today I am here with one of my favorite cards, named 'LOVE' card. Here is a picture first and then the description. 

This is pretty cute, isn't it? Thank you for the appreciation. ;) :P This is best for a person to express his/her love for someone. The stickers and flowers has been used very well here. This card is quite easy to make also. I hope you all like this. 

Now its time to move on and create some more for upcoming valentine's day. Stay tuned for new updates. :)

Till then bbye, take care and keep crafting.