Quilled Jhumkas

Hello Friends,

Here is one of my new creations, which is a quilled jhumka in pink and gray color. I personally liked the combination a lot. :) This looks fabulous when completed. Lets have a look at how it looks and how we can create it. :)

Things Required:

1. Pink and gray quilling strips (or any other combination you like).
2. Fevicol/fevibond or any sticky material you use.
3. Some pearls, beads and rhinestones to decorate.
4. Earring hooks, wires and pliers(ofcourse).
5. Varnish

How To Make:

1. Take 4 pink and 6 gray strips to form a coil after joining them in the ratio of 1:2 respectively.
2. Repeat the same proportion for other jhumka too. 
3. After tight quilled coils have been formed, use quilling 3D scale to form a dome shape else you can do it with your hands only. 
4. Apply varnish to the inner side of it to settle down and form a firm base.
5. Now prepare for the decoration, I have used white flat base pearls and pink flower rhinestones.
6. Apart from this, I used small white beads to be attached to the center bottom.
7. In the meanwhile varnish must have got dried. (Remember to make 2-3 coats to make it look beautiful)
8. Attach all the decoration supplies to make it look beautiful.
9. Now insert an earring hook.

Here it is, your trendy, lightweight, colorful, attractive jhumkis are read. :) Let me show you mine. :)

Hope you like this and will create something inspired from this. :) 
If you want your designs to be posted on my blog, you can mail me at

Thanks for reading and appreciating.
Keep crafting.

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Candle Stand

Hello all,

Here is one of my other creations which I would like to share with you. It is a candle stand totally made out of waste material. You can get all the material from around you and the creation is very easy. :) So lets get started. :)

Things Required:

Old waste CDs -3
Kitchen paper role -3 
Tea lights or candles of your choice
Glitters and other decorative materials


How To Make:

1. Take one CD and fix one paper role vertically on it to form a base.
2. Make 2 slits in the role with the help of a cutter, one 6cm above the base (do not cut the complete role)
Make another slit 8-9 cm above the previous slit but in opposite direction.
3. Fix two CDs in the two slits with the help of glue.
4. After third step, the finished product will look like a 'Z' (roughly)
Make sure you leave some role above the second slit.
5. Affix a small circular piece of cardboard or a CD cut into a small circular piece on the top of the role.
6. Decorate the role and CDs as you desire (i did decoration with glitters).
7. Let it dry completely and fix candles on the CDs
(Note: You can put some marbles inside the role to make the base heavy and balanced)

Now your candle stand is ready to be placed in any corner of your house. :)
I hope you like this  easy to make and affordable candle stand. :)
Enjoy crafting. :)
Stay tuned for new ideas.. :)
Here are the pics of the designs I made.





A Cute Explosion Box

Hello friends,

Valentine's day is approaching and we all must be working on to create a lot of creative things to be presented with love and affection. Here is one such gift made for a lovely couple. The gift is called a magic or an explosion box. I would rather call it an explosion box. Here is the first look of it. :)

This is how it looks from outside. I like the color, the flower and the hearts on to it. Although I am very bad at making flowers but I tried my best this time to do something different and I am really happy with the after results. :) Will share the technique for that too, very soon. Next is to open the box and the happiness explodes here.
There can be any ideas for the inside decor, like you can get the memories written on the sides, some messages and you can even paste some pics of some good times, as I did in this.

Tidin.. :P Here are two large boxes to keep the desired gifts into (third one cannot be opened), I think this feature makes this a perfect gift box for your husband/wife or girlfriend/boyfriend. Here are the images on each side to make you cherish all the memories, nice and matching decorations, hearts, pearls, stones and a cute message. Here is the complete decoration of the box.

I like the silver bows, do you? Ummm.. That's it from my side right now, will come up with something new soon. :)
Thank you..!! :)