Candle Stand

Hello all,

Here is one of my other creations which I would like to share with you. It is a candle stand totally made out of waste material. You can get all the material from around you and the creation is very easy. :) So lets get started. :)

Things Required:

Old waste CDs -3
Kitchen paper role -3 
Tea lights or candles of your choice
Glitters and other decorative materials


How To Make:

1. Take one CD and fix one paper role vertically on it to form a base.
2. Make 2 slits in the role with the help of a cutter, one 6cm above the base (do not cut the complete role)
Make another slit 8-9 cm above the previous slit but in opposite direction.
3. Fix two CDs in the two slits with the help of glue.
4. After third step, the finished product will look like a 'Z' (roughly)
Make sure you leave some role above the second slit.
5. Affix a small circular piece of cardboard or a CD cut into a small circular piece on the top of the role.
6. Decorate the role and CDs as you desire (i did decoration with glitters).
7. Let it dry completely and fix candles on the CDs
(Note: You can put some marbles inside the role to make the base heavy and balanced)

Now your candle stand is ready to be placed in any corner of your house. :)
I hope you like this  easy to make and affordable candle stand. :)
Enjoy crafting. :)
Stay tuned for new ideas.. :)
Here are the pics of the designs I made.