Bangle box

Hello friends,

Here I come up with one of my favorite and an old creation. This is a bangle box completely made out from trash around you. I am sure all the ladies here around will like this. Lets check it out what all you need and how to make this beautiful and useful creation.

Things Required:

1. Empty soft drink bottle.
2. Decorative paper(for decoration purposes)
3. White paper sheets.
4. Card stock
5. Glue, scissors/cutter

Let's Get Started:

Creating this bangle box is easy but needs some time to get ready. Here are the steps to follow to complete the BANGLE BOX. :)
1. Take an empty plastic bottle(perfectly round).
2. Cut the soft drink bottle in such a way that it is cut into 3 halves. You have to use the central long portion for the purpose.
3. So after cutting along the lines on the bottle, you will get 3 parts viz, the top portion with cap(triangular in shape), middle portion which is almost without curves and the last is the bottom part of the bottle.

4. For now, we will be using the middle part only. Cut the circular bottle from side to make a slit.
5. Starting from one side of the slit at a distance of around 8cm(more or less as per your need), make one more slit separating one part from the bottle.
6. Now you have two pieces. Cover the plastic with white paper sheet(or you can use foam to make it fluffy and soft).
7. Join the two parts with paper in such a way that they are easy to open and close.
8. Till it gets dried up, cut two circles of the same diameter as that of the bottle.
9. When the bottle covered with paper/foam is completely dry, fix the two circles at each end of the bottle(making larger portion of the bottle as the base).
10. Now decorate this base model with paper or any favorite fabric.

Bangle box closed

11. To make a lock, you have many options - Velcro, a button or anything you think is feasible. (Different people have different need and taste)
12. When it has been decorated, it is ready to be used.

Bangle box with bangles

Congratulations..!! you have done it. Open your box and place some nice colorful bangles in it. :)

Now, you must be thinking that the two remaining portions of the bottle are waste. No ways..!! It can be used in many ways, e.g. make a wind chime from the upper portion and use the bottom as serving bowl for candies etc. I have one more use which I use. I made a small container by fitting them together. I use it to store my colorful beads. :)

Do share with us your creations and new ideas. :)
Till then, keep crafting and enjoying. :)


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