Red And Black Beauty

Hello friends,

Today I am going to showcase one of my most popular pair of earring. Most popular because I have already sold 5 pairs of it (a record in my case) ;). 
This is a pair which I created very randomly, and to my surprise, it became very famous. The pair is a combination of black and red, you can make any other combination too(red and pink or any other combination). 
So let's start with the step by step instructions.

Things you need:-

1. Quiling strips(any two colors of your choice)
2. Matching colored beads
3. Earring hooks and headpins
4. Rhinestones
5. Pliers
6. Fevibond/any other sticky material you usually use.


1. Make a circular loop with one color of quilling strips(black in my case). It should not be very big.
2. Now make it oval by pressing the loop.
3. Apply varnish and keep aside (i use American Satin clear varnish). You can use modge podge too.
4. Now make 3 small tight coils of the contrasting color(red in my case).
5. Now you have to place these three coils in triangular shape on one end of the oval formerly made. It will look something like this.

6. Fix them and apply varnish. Let it dry.
7. Make sure to apply double coating of the varnish with some time interval(so that it dries up completely). 
8. Let's add some more beauty to it. Take a normal sized bead and place it in a headpin with a hook at its end so that it is easy to hang.

9. Finally take an eyepin, pass through the other end of the oval with bead inside it. Attach an earring hook to it and you are done..!! :) 

Repeat the above steps to make the other earring. ;) You can add sparkle to make it more beautiful. :)

Here is the lovely pair of earring completed by me. Waiting for your reviews and do share what you create. :)


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