How To Make Beaded Double Colored Earrings


Here I am with my new jewelry creation. Its been a long time since I posted about making an earring pair. This pair was a result of just an experimentation again. I like its shape because it is much different from the ones I created previously. I got an idea of a new combination ang got some new beads. ;)
Okay, so let's start. Today I won't be posting a complete tutorial as it is just a short quick post.  I hope you all understand. 
This piece of handmade jewelry is my personal favorite due to its color combination. I hope you will also like it.

Things You Will Need:-

1. Quilling strips of two different colors (combination of your choice)
2. Earring hooks, jump rings, head pins.
3. Some white beads, I have used it of different sizes.
4. Glue and  varnish ofcourse.

Steps to make:

  1. First step is to quil a coil with color combination of your choice.
  2. Now, Press it with your palm to make it an oval shaped and press slightly more to make pointed at two ends. 
  3. Apply varnish and let it dry.
  4. After 2-3 coats of varnish, paste beads on the sides of the oval as shown in the final pic.
  5. Take a drop shaped bead and hang it to the lower portion of earring.

Yes it is done..!! But try them after they are dry. :)

Quilrd earrings


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