How To Make A Cake

Hello all,

Here I am to share a new tutorial with you all. It was fun and quick to create this. I will show you how to make a cake. Yeah, you read it right, how to make a cake. But it's not some baking technique as I will be making this cake with paper. :) It can be used for any decoration purpose. I used it to place inside an explosion box.
I have made this first time and wanted to share with you all.
Let's start up now.

Things You Need:-

  1. Colored paper (as per the flavor you want to make ;))
  2. Scrap paper bits
  3. Numerical stickers
  4. Colored beads for decoration(for decoration)
  5. Red quilling strips(for decoration)
  6. Fevicol, scissors and double sided tape


To make a cake, we have to prepare 3 layers using colored paper.
  1. Make a circular disc as a base of colored paper. I used curvy scissors to make a pattern on its sides.
  2. Cut a strip of paper around 3.5cms wide and 12cms in length.(Can be altered as per your requirement) Make a loop of it by joining two sides together with the help of fevicol.
  3. Now cut another disc with diameter a bit larger to the diameter of the loop.
  4. Arrange the three cutouts step by step. Place the loop over the larger disc cut. Now to the other side of the loop fix the smaller disc.
  5. The base model of the cake has been baked ;). Now it's the time to decorate it.
  6. I had a theme behind making this, 25th birthday. So I used "25" numerical stickers to decorate the top.
  7. With the help of double sided tape, fox  the numbers in such a way that they do not fall. This will look something like this: 
    Base of the cake
  8. Cut some paper bits from different colored scrap papers, can be of any shape.
  9. Sprinkle these bits on the top layer to make it colorful.
    Decoration of cake top
  10. Make swirls using quilling strips to decorate the sides of the cake. 
  11. Fix these swirls on the side of the cake to make it look beautiful.
  12. I have added beads to the base to enhance its look.
This is the one I have made. :)

Complete Cake


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