How To Make A Gift Box From Scrap

Hello friends,

My today's creation is mainly for kids. Kids love gifts, isn't it? So here is a new option to make a gift cum favor box for kids. This can also be used as return gifts for birthday parties. Girls will be most attracted by this. Let me show you all a picture of this so that you can easily guess what and how it is made. :)

Yeah you guesses it right, this is mage up from scrap news papers and magazines. 'Brunch' by HT is my favorite for such things. ;)
So what all you need is:-
1. An old box of desirable size, I used my old mobile handset box as I had to put a lot of goodies in it. ;)

2. Scrap paper cut outs from old magazines.
3. Pasting material such as fevicol. I used a mixture of fevicol and water to paste these papers cuttings.
4. Some flowers for decoration
5. Tapes or ribbons to make a boundary, I used white paper tape.

How To Start:-

1. Start with pasting each paper cutting evenly on the box. Apply the mixture in such a way to remove all the wrinkles and air bubbles.
2. Apply to cover the complete box and let it dry for about 45 minutes.
3. Now decorate this as you like. I attached a handle also with it to give it a look of a handbag. ;)

Other method is to cover the box with a decorative paper. Here are both of my creations.
Interesting fact is that my cousin got the first prize in her "best out of waste" contest. :) :)


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