How to Make Quiled Loop Earrings?

Hello everyone..! 

Here I am with one more colorful creation of Crazy Crafts. Most of my followers just loved it. :)
These are easy to make too, if you are into quiling already. The main focus was towards color matching here, and it was pretty good too. 
Okay, so it's time to get set go now.
Let's take a look what all you need to make these colorful earrings.

Things Required:
1. Earring findings-loops this time.
2. White, orange, brown(bicone) and golden beads.
3. Quilling strips of orange and brown color.
4. Head pins.
5. Pliers, varnish, fevicol.


Done with the requirements..!! Get started now. :)

1. Take quilling strips in the order- 2 orange, 1 brown and 2 orange. Make a coil by quilling the strips together. 
2. Take a small ball (if you do not have the mold). Convert the coil into a dome shaped structure by gently pressing it downwards over the ball.
3. It has taken the shape, and you are happy with its shape- apply varnish. Let it dry and apply 2-3 coats. 
Remember, the previous coatings must be dry before applying another one.
4. Paste white beads around the 'jhumki'. Let it completely dry.
5. Its time for the final arrangement. firstly make the sequence very clear in your mind so that it is easy to put in the beads at right place.

It is completely done now..!! :) :)

Bright quilled handmade earrings

Bright quilled handmade earrings-clear view

I hope you like this. Keep crafting and keep sharing. :)


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