Crazy Crafts Contest #1, Entry #1 - How to Make a Gift Tag

Hello all,

As promised, I am here again with another entry for my contest and the inspirational story behind the creation. This was the very first entry I received for my Crazy Crafts Contest #1.
I liked this entry too but the winner has to be one only. The contestant was super excited for this contest. I hope she will win this next time. Let's check out what she has created and what inspired her to do so.  

About the entry, direct from the crafter:

1. I made a tag on d given theme(flower theme for the contest). 
2. For the base I used waste material (an old wedding card). 
3. Then I made my own red spray paint, used shimmer dusts in red and white.
4. I used this technique all over my tag- spray painted the white lace , base ,love u die cut and then used shimmer dust on them and on butterflies. I have also added pearl stickers , mulberry roses ,ribbons.

Special Remark: :P 
When its love, its about hearts, roses and butterflies and everything red so here it is :) :P

Handmade Gift Tag

About the Crafter:
My name is Shruti Goel from Delhi :) I m a simple girl who loves to create new things and experiment. I am a singer and nail art lover too. So constantly keep searching online videos and Google things related to them and this is how crafting came to me. I started crafting 2yrs back i guess when i got my toe fractured and was on bed rest, so I just thought of spending my time on something productive and creative as well rather than getting bored ! 

My first inspiration was Deepti Stephens wen i started crafting den lots of names added in d list :) now have learnt so many techniques and art .... I now got a title from friends and relatives "multitalented Shruti " and many other compliments :D 


Crazy Craft's Contest#1 - 1st Runner up Entry

This entry is by Ankita Savla Hemani. She has made Doily flower. This is quite adorable. This handmade flower is very cute. Here is the brief procedure, as explained by Ankita. Hope you all like it.

  1. Take doillies of the desired size. 
  2. Then make cone out of it by sticking 2 triangular sides together. 
  3. Then make a complete circle by sticking cone doillies together. 
  4. You can repeat the same procedure and make one more circular flower but little smaller in size than the first one to give it a dahlia flower type effect and stick it on the first flower. 

Your flower is ready. You can embellish it with any thing suitable. Here i have used a quilled baby pink flower to make it look cute.

Have a look at the out put:
Handmade paper flower top view

Handmade paper flower side view

Handmade paper flower side view

About the Crafter:
I am, Ankita Savla Hemani from Mumbai. I am a B. Com (Accounting & Finance) Graduate from Mumbai University and currently a housewife. Craft is my passion and I am pursuing the same since the last 8 months.


Crazy Crafts Contest #1 - Winner's Entry

Hello everyone,

Today on my blog is the winning entry for my very first Contest. Hope you all like it and get inspired to create beautiful things. :)
Read here how Ayushi got inspired:

The entry for the contest is a customized wall clock <3

The clock has been made for the newly married couple...and got inspired with "Love" theme and red roses...i so love red roses :D

I used mulberry flowers and quilled scrolls...yeah I tried to gave a new look :) I have done heat embossing on the butterflies..used glossy accent on the flowers to give d depth, some lovey dovey sentiments with the couple picture and got it antique wooden framed :)

one of the views


Crazy Crafts Contest Winner Entry

A completely framed wall clock.

Crazy Crafts Contest Winner Entry

About the Crafter:

            I am a crafter from delhi.  Since last 2 years I m into crafting. I just love to do crafting nd create new projects :) I started with paper quilling learnt from Shalini di (shalini mittal) and from there I started falling in love with. She is a wonderful teacher nd with each passing day my passion for crafting is increasing :D

Geometrical Saturday - Quilled Earrings


It has been a long time since my last post. Thanks for waiting...;) it was fun creating these new geometric earrings. Yes, it was a geometric Saturday for me. I really enjoyed making these as this was new for me. I never tried much shapes while quilling but this was actually enjoyable. 

I have used mustard colored quilling strips to make these girlish geometric triangular earrings.
Have a look at what I came up with. 

handmade quilled earrings
Some tips while making these:
1. Make tightly coiled loops by wrapping around a rigid object, I used a bold marker. 
2. Make sure to make the loops of similar size.
3. Press gently to form a firm triangular shape. 
4. Apply varnish so that it covers the complete design. Let it dry dor some time and apply 2-3 coats of varnish for better finish.
5. Place jumprings consecutively one after another. I used three rings with three quilled triangles.
6. Now place the earring hook in the topmost ring and enjoy the wonderful creation.

This pair can best suit your formal attire or even to the traditional one. 
I hope you all like this. Do appreciate if you like it. Thank you...!! 

Keep Crafting...!!!