Crazy Crafts Contest #1, Entry #1 - How to Make a Gift Tag

Hello all,

As promised, I am here again with another entry for my contest and the inspirational story behind the creation. This was the very first entry I received for my Crazy Crafts Contest #1.
I liked this entry too but the winner has to be one only. The contestant was super excited for this contest. I hope she will win this next time. Let's check out what she has created and what inspired her to do so.  

About the entry, direct from the crafter:

1. I made a tag on d given theme(flower theme for the contest). 
2. For the base I used waste material (an old wedding card). 
3. Then I made my own red spray paint, used shimmer dusts in red and white.
4. I used this technique all over my tag- spray painted the white lace , base ,love u die cut and then used shimmer dust on them and on butterflies. I have also added pearl stickers , mulberry roses ,ribbons.

Special Remark: :P 
When its love, its about hearts, roses and butterflies and everything red so here it is :) :P

Handmade Gift Tag

About the Crafter:
My name is Shruti Goel from Delhi :) I m a simple girl who loves to create new things and experiment. I am a singer and nail art lover too. So constantly keep searching online videos and Google things related to them and this is how crafting came to me. I started crafting 2yrs back i guess when i got my toe fractured and was on bed rest, so I just thought of spending my time on something productive and creative as well rather than getting bored ! 

My first inspiration was Deepti Stephens wen i started crafting den lots of names added in d list :) now have learnt so many techniques and art .... I now got a title from friends and relatives "multitalented Shruti " and many other compliments :D