Crazy Craft's Contest#1 - 1st Runner up Entry

This entry is by Ankita Savla Hemani. She has made Doily flower. This is quite adorable. This handmade flower is very cute. Here is the brief procedure, as explained by Ankita. Hope you all like it.

  1. Take doillies of the desired size. 
  2. Then make cone out of it by sticking 2 triangular sides together. 
  3. Then make a complete circle by sticking cone doillies together. 
  4. You can repeat the same procedure and make one more circular flower but little smaller in size than the first one to give it a dahlia flower type effect and stick it on the first flower. 

Your flower is ready. You can embellish it with any thing suitable. Here i have used a quilled baby pink flower to make it look cute.

Have a look at the out put:
Handmade paper flower top view

Handmade paper flower side view

Handmade paper flower side view

About the Crafter:
I am, Ankita Savla Hemani from Mumbai. I am a B. Com (Accounting & Finance) Graduate from Mumbai University and currently a housewife. Craft is my passion and I am pursuing the same since the last 8 months.


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