Geometrical Saturday - Quilled Earrings


It has been a long time since my last post. Thanks for waiting...;) it was fun creating these new geometric earrings. Yes, it was a geometric Saturday for me. I really enjoyed making these as this was new for me. I never tried much shapes while quilling but this was actually enjoyable. 

I have used mustard colored quilling strips to make these girlish geometric triangular earrings.
Have a look at what I came up with. 

handmade quilled earrings
Some tips while making these:
1. Make tightly coiled loops by wrapping around a rigid object, I used a bold marker. 
2. Make sure to make the loops of similar size.
3. Press gently to form a firm triangular shape. 
4. Apply varnish so that it covers the complete design. Let it dry dor some time and apply 2-3 coats of varnish for better finish.
5. Place jumprings consecutively one after another. I used three rings with three quilled triangles.
6. Now place the earring hook in the topmost ring and enjoy the wonderful creation.

This pair can best suit your formal attire or even to the traditional one. 
I hope you all like this. Do appreciate if you like it. Thank you...!! 

Keep Crafting...!!!


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