Crazy Crafts Contest#1 Entry - Quilled Creations

This entry owner, Meeta is very very nice and passionate about her work. She has sent me 2 entries for the contest but sadly I had to include only one.  Both the entries are superb. 

She did not say much about her entries. So I have decided to include both the entries on my blog. :)
Have a look at the beautiful creations by Meeta Bhalotia. :)

About the Crafter:

My name is Meeta Bhalotia . Staying in Kochi.
Have been Quilling for past 6 years now.
I was always into artistic field before it was oil paintings and now quilling and all other crafts.


Crazy Crafts Contest #1 - Quilled Photoframe

Here is an entry by a dentist by profession but crafter by passion. I really appreciate that she spends some time in crafting despite being so very busy all day. She is studying too. :)

Have a look what she brings in for us.. :)

The base frame is handmade too using chipboard. The chipboard is layered using various kinds of paints including Acrylic colors and glass paint... In this case the base frame is white... The frame holds a 6x4 inch photo. The frame base also has a coat of modpodge to make it water resistant. This frame can be placed on a table or fridge top...

quilled flowers

Quilling flowers

The technique used to decorate the frame is quilling... I have used red, light pink and hot pink quilling strips to make Malaysian flowers and then used basic marquise shape for the leaves... then these are again layered at different level for further gradient effect. the quilled pieces have a coat of modpodge too...

Quilled Photoframe

About the Crafter:

My name is Dr M V Pratyusha. I am a dentist by profession and I am currently pursuing further studies that is MDS in one of the colleges in B'lore. I have always been passionate about crafting since childhood... I have tried a lot of crafts like Sketching, Paper mache, thermacol painting, origami, oil painting, glass painting and ofcourse quilling.


How to Make an Heart Shaped Easel Card

This creation was a big one for me. It has 2 reasons behind this. 
1. It was made for my dear friend on request. She had to gift this to her prince charming, her hubby. :)
2. It was the first card of this kind, and the output was really good. :)

Here we go with a small procedure:

1. Take an A3 size colored sheet of your choice. I chose red one as it is a symbol of love. ;)

2. Cut the sheet in the shape of a heart. Do remember to leave the joint at the top so that you can open it in the form of a card.

heart card

3. Use the decorative scissors to finish the edges accordingly. I used the curvy one. 

4. Take another piece of red heart shaped sheet of the same size. 

5. Fold the one side of the card into half so that you can paste the extra 'red heart' over it to make it an easel card.

base for easel card

6. Paste the extra sheet on the lower edge of the folded heart sheet.

easel card

Heart easel card

7. Now take a comparatively matching colored sheet(you may opt for printed paper). I have used a skin colored sheet with hearts and flowers matching my theme. 

8. Cut heart shape out of that sheet but a bit smaller than that of the card base. Paste it neatly on the front of the card.

9. Take an embossed white or any other textured white sheet(as I used). Cut it in the same shape and smaller size and paste it on the inner side of the card.

You are ready with the base. Now, it is the time to decorate the card to make it look beautiful. 

To decorate the card you need:

Paper Doily
Paper Cut Outs in heart and flower shapes
White Pearls
Black Paper Sheet
Crystal Hearts, Heart Stickers and artificial Flowers

1. To make the card more beautiful and put the emotions into it, I chose a couple to be showcased on the front of the card.

2. You can get the template on the internet and get it printed, cut and paste. Alternatively, you can also draw it or trace it if you are good at it. I just drew it(that is why it is not perfect :P)

3. Take the paper doily and paste it in the middle of the front of the cover.

4. Paste the cut design on the paper doily.  

5. Apply sparkle on the skirt of the girl and coat of the boy. Let it dry completely.

complete decorated heart

6. Now decorate the inner side of the card with paper die cuts and pearls. Also paste a flower and some beads on the front cover as per the requirement.

7. Cut a circular piece of paper to write a nice message on it. I wrote "You are mine" on the customer's request. Paste it with the help of a double sided tape on the inner white sheet. This will serve as a stand too for the card. 

You are mine

Congratulations..!! Your card is complete now. You may write your blessings and wishes on the inner side of the card(on white stock). Similarly you can paste the photograph too. 

Heart shaped easel card


A Gift Box Shaped Photo album

Hello Everyone,

It's Sunday, i.e. fun day. The weather is also cool today. So I opted to showcase a very very cool creation. This creation is cool because of it's magnificent color matching. This Box Album has been created very neatly. Here is a nice description about this album by the creator  itself. :)

This is a Handcrafted "Gift Box shaped Photo album" cum scrapbook which will add elegance to Gifting. Its basically a box which when opened up has 9 squares where you can paste your photos and write notes. These make great gifts especially if you want to cherish your memories with someone special. A wonderful and special way of conveying and preserving the memories you want to cherish.. It can b designed according to the theme of the occasion.. (like birthdays, anniversaries, family reunion, etc). 

Gift Box shaped Photo album

    I basically did this with a 12"x12" patterned paper. And scored it at 10 cms interval on either sides. And then I gave it slits in a way it could fold up at the scorelines to make a box. 
Later i made a lid which sits perfectly on the box n decorated it with beautiful paper roses i made in the similar shade. Hope u like it.

About the Crafter:

I am Soumya Kaljeet Ajri, a Handicraft designer. I have started an NGO named Gift a Life Trust 3 yrs back where we design different handicrafts and provide training to the women who can earn a living through these crafts. 


P.S. I Love You - Handmade Scrapbook

Hello everyone,

A bit late but I am back.. :)
Today I have a very well written SCRAPBOOK entry from a very very talented crafter named- Krithika. :)

Here are the details of her project as she stated herself. :)

P.S. I Love You -- Scrapbook:

My project is a scrapbook which has a theme called P.S. I love you, impressed by the movie. It all started with a friend, who wanted to write-up something about her love, and keep it for herself as a personal diary with journals and photographs. 

So, I decided to give it a try with making my own pattern papers using stencils and stamps. In the scrapbook, the only place where I have used printed papers are for holding photographs. Rest, stamps and stencils from my own collection.

I decided to use pink for the entire project as the owner will be a girl. Hidden journals are kept within each page and stamped P.S.I love you at the end. I have used flowers at the front cover, and used flower stamps in most of the pages for creating a patterned background.

Techniques Used in the Project: 

I did not use any special techniques, except that I layered all stencils and stamps one by one. I first used stencils to cover my page completely, then used floral stamps to stamp on the pages, then used leaf stamps, and on top of that, used some fussy cut stamped images. I used Martha Stewart punches too to layer some of my pattern papers that are meant to hold photographs. 

Finally I distresses the edges of almost all pattern papers with my "Picked Raspberry" distress ink.

Here are the pictures of the final result:

P S I love you scrapbook

About the Crafter:

I am Krithika, basically a Telugu girl, born and brought up at Tamil Nadu. I was into pencil sketching and coloring during my school days and I had a long break after settling at Bangalore for a job. For some days, indeed, I did not have time to go for my passion. I happened to see a few handmade cards and explosion boxes that attracted me towards crafts, when I was searching for one of my friend's birthday. I was browsing almost all Facebook pages and blogs that said crafts and handmade. 

Finally I decided to give a try on Martha Stewart Punches and my crafting journey started since then. It was almost from Jan that I started crafting and I would say I am addicted to it these days. So, I should say, I am into this crafting world for the past six months.

You can visit here for more details..