Crazy Crafts Contest #1 - Quilled Photoframe

Here is an entry by a dentist by profession but crafter by passion. I really appreciate that she spends some time in crafting despite being so very busy all day. She is studying too. :)

Have a look what she brings in for us.. :)

The base frame is handmade too using chipboard. The chipboard is layered using various kinds of paints including Acrylic colors and glass paint... In this case the base frame is white... The frame holds a 6x4 inch photo. The frame base also has a coat of modpodge to make it water resistant. This frame can be placed on a table or fridge top...

quilled flowers

Quilling flowers

The technique used to decorate the frame is quilling... I have used red, light pink and hot pink quilling strips to make Malaysian flowers and then used basic marquise shape for the leaves... then these are again layered at different level for further gradient effect. the quilled pieces have a coat of modpodge too...

Quilled Photoframe

About the Crafter:

My name is Dr M V Pratyusha. I am a dentist by profession and I am currently pursuing further studies that is MDS in one of the colleges in B'lore. I have always been passionate about crafting since childhood... I have tried a lot of crafts like Sketching, Paper mache, thermacol painting, origami, oil painting, glass painting and ofcourse quilling.

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  1. Ur work is excellent
    Can u pls tell me hw u made the base frame.
    I want to make plain frames with out quilling