How to Make an Heart Shaped Easel Card

This creation was a big one for me. It has 2 reasons behind this. 
1. It was made for my dear friend on request. She had to gift this to her prince charming, her hubby. :)
2. It was the first card of this kind, and the output was really good. :)

Here we go with a small procedure:

1. Take an A3 size colored sheet of your choice. I chose red one as it is a symbol of love. ;)

2. Cut the sheet in the shape of a heart. Do remember to leave the joint at the top so that you can open it in the form of a card.

heart card

3. Use the decorative scissors to finish the edges accordingly. I used the curvy one. 

4. Take another piece of red heart shaped sheet of the same size. 

5. Fold the one side of the card into half so that you can paste the extra 'red heart' over it to make it an easel card.

base for easel card

6. Paste the extra sheet on the lower edge of the folded heart sheet.

easel card

Heart easel card

7. Now take a comparatively matching colored sheet(you may opt for printed paper). I have used a skin colored sheet with hearts and flowers matching my theme. 

8. Cut heart shape out of that sheet but a bit smaller than that of the card base. Paste it neatly on the front of the card.

9. Take an embossed white or any other textured white sheet(as I used). Cut it in the same shape and smaller size and paste it on the inner side of the card.

You are ready with the base. Now, it is the time to decorate the card to make it look beautiful. 

To decorate the card you need:

Paper Doily
Paper Cut Outs in heart and flower shapes
White Pearls
Black Paper Sheet
Crystal Hearts, Heart Stickers and artificial Flowers

1. To make the card more beautiful and put the emotions into it, I chose a couple to be showcased on the front of the card.

2. You can get the template on the internet and get it printed, cut and paste. Alternatively, you can also draw it or trace it if you are good at it. I just drew it(that is why it is not perfect :P)

3. Take the paper doily and paste it in the middle of the front of the cover.

4. Paste the cut design on the paper doily.  

5. Apply sparkle on the skirt of the girl and coat of the boy. Let it dry completely.

complete decorated heart

6. Now decorate the inner side of the card with paper die cuts and pearls. Also paste a flower and some beads on the front cover as per the requirement.

7. Cut a circular piece of paper to write a nice message on it. I wrote "You are mine" on the customer's request. Paste it with the help of a double sided tape on the inner white sheet. This will serve as a stand too for the card. 

You are mine

Congratulations..!! Your card is complete now. You may write your blessings and wishes on the inner side of the card(on white stock). Similarly you can paste the photograph too. 

Heart shaped easel card


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