How to Make a Mixed Media Photo Frame

Hello all,
Good Afternoon..!!

I know I am a it late to share this creation by Crazy Crafts. This was created by me on the occasion of #FriendshipDay. I had to create this for my senior, my mentor as a gesture on Friendship Day at office. 

My first try on mixed media. It is not so perfect but looking quite good. :P

I have used some tissue papers, a lot of colors, flowers, quotes, stones, googly eyes etc etc etc. This red, golden and black frame was liked by everyone. 

You must be waiting for the procedure it but I am actually very sorry I cannot share the complete procedure. The reason for this "apology" is that I do not really know how this came out. :D :P

My head was turning round and round, aching badly, but I had just one thing in mind- just GIVE IT A GO, you will succeed. And this really worked for me. :D

Another factor that worked for me was #ComedyNightswithKapil. I just switched it on and it helped me concentrate more.  :) weird but true.. :P


Initial stage of mixed media

 This was the initial stage when I started painting it. It was looking a bit different and turned out to something like this:

Complete Mixed Media Art Frame

I hope you like this and appreciate more. :P 

Thanks for your time to have a look and read it. :)

Keep crafting, keep enjoying..!!


How to Make a Photo Frame

Hello Friends,

Today I would like to explain simple procedure to make a photo frame all by yourself. Making a photo frame is very simple and fun to make. You can have 2 types of frames:
i) A frame with a photo permanently fixed into it.
ii) A frame with an option to insert a photograph.

Static one is easier, actually. ;) So lets start. I will explain both.

Materials You Need:

1. Hard cardboard and a cardboard with lesser thickness.
2. Ruler, pencil, cutter, scissors, fevicol


1. Cut the hardboard into desired size, 6"*8" or the size you need.
2. Now take the board with lesser thickness and cut it in such a way that there is 1" extra on each side except the one to insert a photograph. It can be horizontal or vertical as per your need.
3. Make a smaller box in the middle to match the size of the photograph i.e. 5"*7".
4. Now cut along the same lines of the photo box. This will make a window in the board. :P

Cut out a window from the cardboard

5. Mark the traces along the lines of the actual size of the frame. Fold along the traced lines to the inner sides. This will make it easier to paste the former and the latter.
6. On the base of the frame, make a flap type opening to insert the photograph. 
7. Attach a stand and you are done. :)
It may appear like:

Back side of the photo frame

I wish I had some step by step pictures to show. I will update the pics I make a frame next time.

Those who wish to make the one with a permanent photograph, skip the step 6. You can just paste the two card boards of equal sizes, one with a window on it, on each other and paste a stand on it.

Was it fun to make it? I really enjoy it. Post creating this, you can decorate it anyhow. :)

After decoration, it will look like:

How to make a photo frame

You cane make it of any shape and any size you want.

Enjoy your creation and share. :)