How to Make a Mixed Media Photo Frame

Hello all,
Good Afternoon..!!

I know I am a it late to share this creation by Crazy Crafts. This was created by me on the occasion of #FriendshipDay. I had to create this for my senior, my mentor as a gesture on Friendship Day at office. 

My first try on mixed media. It is not so perfect but looking quite good. :P

I have used some tissue papers, a lot of colors, flowers, quotes, stones, googly eyes etc etc etc. This red, golden and black frame was liked by everyone. 

You must be waiting for the procedure it but I am actually very sorry I cannot share the complete procedure. The reason for this "apology" is that I do not really know how this came out. :D :P

My head was turning round and round, aching badly, but I had just one thing in mind- just GIVE IT A GO, you will succeed. And this really worked for me. :D

Another factor that worked for me was #ComedyNightswithKapil. I just switched it on and it helped me concentrate more.  :) weird but true.. :P


Initial stage of mixed media

 This was the initial stage when I started painting it. It was looking a bit different and turned out to something like this:

Complete Mixed Media Art Frame

I hope you like this and appreciate more. :P 

Thanks for your time to have a look and read it. :)

Keep crafting, keep enjoying..!!


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