How to Make a Mini Bangle Box from an Empty Tape Roll

Long time..!! Yeah, I a writing after a long time. I was a bit busy with some happy orders. With all this happening, I created a new useful object. It is a Bangle Box, but a mini one. This is best to be carried while you travel.
So, let's see what all I did to get it completed. :)

Things You Need:
1. Empty tape roll(large one)
2. Cardboard pieces
3. Fevicol/glue
4. Decorative paper sheet as per your choice
5. Small magnet

This creation is quite quick and adorable.
Step 1: Take the empty roll and cut it into 2 pieces in such a fashion that they appear to be in the ration 3:1(approx)

Empty tape roll

Step 2: Make a joint at one of these ends using the strong tape. This will make it easier to open and close the box. 
Step 3: After the basic joints, cover the entire roll with white thick paper or foam. Also, place one small rectangular magnet on the open end so that it works properly but it is not visible.
Step 4: Now cover it with the decorative paper you have chosen.
Step 5: Now cut two cardboard pieces, to be attached on the sides of the roll.
Step 6: After cutting these, cover them properly with the same or of contrast paper. 

Once the pieces are ready, combine them all and your bangle box is ready. :) :)
                                        Bangle box from waste

                                        Bangle box from tape roll

                                         Bangle box

Carry it wherever you want it. 

I hope you liked it. Do share your views and experiences here. :)