How to Make A Heart Shaped Wall Hanging

A beautiful heart can say a lot of things in words in many ways. Yes, it is applicable to both living and non living things. Wondering how? 
Don't wait too much, just give a look to this:

handmade heart wall hanging

The image of a cute family fits perfect on a couple of dollies, beaded I LOVE YOU adds a real glamour to it. A white lace piece is quite elegant combined with a lot of flowers helped in beautifying it a lot.

Now you must be thinking how it has been made. Have a look at the quick tutorial for this:

Things You Need:
1. Cardboard sheet
2. Sparkle sheet
3. Handmade flowers
4. Some laces and ribbons
5. Pearls
6. Foam sheet
7. All time requirements: scissors, fevicol

1. Cut a cardboard in heart shape of desired size.
2. Make 2 holes on either side of the upper portion to tie a ribbon around it.
3. Fix a ribbon, either single or double, as per your preference, I used single one. 
4. Affix it properly and paste foam sheet on either side to give it a soft and fluffy look.
5. Let it dry completely and cover all the sides with a red paper sheet.
6. Cover the front side with a red sparkle sheet. 
7. Position dollies, photo, lace, stickers, ribbons, I LOVE YOU and fix them to make it look decorative. 
8. Let it dry completely.
9. Hang it in your room or gift it to some one special. Click nice pictures and tadaa.. you are done.. :)

Enjoyed? Great..!! Create yours too..!! :)


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