How to Make a Big Wooden Jewelry Box

Hello all, have a look at the procedure to make a wooden jewelry box
1. Get one 12*12*8 inches box prepared from a carpenter with 3 drawers each 2-1/2 inches deep. It will look like this.
Top section will have space too which will be approx half inch deep.

2. Apply primer all over the box. It is used so that wood does not soak so much of color. Let it dry completely.
3. When it is dry, paint the box with desired color. I chose red. :)
4. Make sure to paint it completely, every corner of it and let it dry completely. 
5. After it gets dried completely, take 2 contrasting colors. I used black and yellow.
6. An old tooth brush, colors in complete liquid form, start spraying, :) , but not too much.
7. The coats get dried up in the sun, and then begins the real painting.
8. I took golden(metallic) color and the flower stencil. Start printing the flowers in a symmetrical way.
Handpainted Box

9. After the paint dries, apply 2 coats of varnish to make it look shining. 
10. Decorate it with beads, flowers, laces and whatever suits you best. I used a small mirror too on the top. 

Make some internal arrangements as you need and finally fill it with a lot of jewelry. :) :) :) :)


Handmade Jewelry Box


I hope you liked it. :)
Thank you for reading this. :)


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