My CRAFT Journey So Far..

Hello my dear crafters..

It has been a looooong time since there was a post.. :P Thanks to my busy schedule. Also, seriously saying, I did not have any special idea in my mind. :P But today I am here to share my CRAFT journey rather than some creation. :)

The craft world is so deep. There is a lot of creativity all around. I will be very very happy if I get even 1% of it. But there is one thing that I have noticed. I started crafting around 1 year ago i.e. in 2014. I searched for many fellow crafters, and found many good ones too. All are very good but when you seek help from them, they did not respond back because they were doing quite good. I had hesitation and needed some guidance to step into this field. Until and unless you pay them some solid bucks, they won't even listen. :P

Anyways, if bad people are there, good are also there. :)

First person I got help and motivation from is AASTHA JAIN.. :) She is still a good friend of mine. I get a lot of motivation from her. As I mentioned earlier also, she said "Are you sure you want to be in ENGINEERING types job?" :P

Thank you Aastha Jain. :)

Also I approached a lot of people in and around my area as I was very keen to get guidance and start up a small venture. Some people said we don't need you. Actually they did not understand. I said that I need them, hire me as an intern. ;)

Seriously, thanks to all those people as they helped me think, all working individually why not me then?

Let's start and give them a tough competition.. :) I am happy about the after results. .

It has been a long and exciting journey. Met many people, many very good and very very creative people. Trying to learn most of the crafting techniques from them.

Here are some of the blogs and people I really admire:
1. Rupa Ji.. I really love your creations.. Best out of waste has always been my priority but you have changed my mindset completely. The things you create from waste always come up best. :) Would love to be with 24/7 to check how you manage all this and learn some and most of the crafting techniques.

2. Rajni Chawla Ji.. : I admire her, but somewhere I do feel I can never be like her. So talented and expressive. Amazing work and quite humble she is.. :)
Her Page: Rajni Chawla

3. Apurva Chawla..: She has a spark in her. She knows almost all techniques, quite famous and well known for her creativity but very very down to earth. I am still waiting to take classes from her.. ;)
Her Page: Crafty Creases

There are many other people whom I like are Ayushi Gupta(awesome talent), Purva Modani, Meher Creations, Siri Crafts(she has done exceptionally well), Manjit Kaur and the list goes on.. :)

Thanks to everyone who has helped me in coming to this stage. I wish to be someone's favorite some day.. :P

Good luck everyone..!! Keep crafting, keep growing.. :)