Aastha Jain - A Peaceful & Crafty Power Pack Lady

Hello all,

Hope you are doing great..!!

Waiting for our next RUBAROO crafter? She is a very talented, my inspiration and very hard working crafter. Meet AASTHA JAIN today. :)

Apical Crafts and the Papericious.. she has covered a great journey so far. Let's have a look what she has to say. :)

She is an expert in Paper Crafts - pretty true. Her quilling skills are mind blowing. She makes very elegant and unique designs. 

Yes, yes, we will show you. But in the end. ;) Till then, have a look what she has to say.

When did you first feel that being crafty is going to be your way of life?

When I first made a wall art with paper..3 years back

Your first creation was a:
12 feet high paper tree on a wall..
Really I would love to see it. :)

Your favorite crafting technique is:
Die cutting 

Share your best and worst (if any) client experiences:
All the reactions were positive and good...Happy to have such clients

What have you learnt from your experiences in this luxurious field?
Just craft in your own cool way..

Do you prefer shopping for makeup kits and accessories or crafting supplies?
Just Crafting supplies..

What are the 5 things you can't do without?
My Craft knife, 
Paper embellishments, 
An admirer.. (Don't worry, I am always here.. :P)

You are the last person in this world, what would you do?
Keep crafting with left overs.

What would you like to make for Crazy Crafts? :P (I know I am being crazy, but would love to hear)
A cute greeting card just for you Rupali..
**I loved this.. :-*

A quick tip to your readers
People in India have a mixed reaction for crafts, just craft in your own cool way..n let people follow you..!!

2 of your favorite Crafters:
My favourite crafters are Priya Nathankumar (she makes gorgeous dolls) and Anchal Sapra (though they both dont know me) but they are highly inspirational people...


A cute Scrapbook..!!

A quilling card - see the uniqueness in this. :)

A Paper lamp

Greeting Card

Memories Scrapbook

Her creations say it all. I am speechless. :)

Discover more of her creations here.


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