Maninder Kaur - Sober, Talented, Beautiful Crafter, Photographer and aSuccessful Entrepreneur

Hmmm... I don't really understand how to introduce so down to earth, helpful and gorgeous lady who is the owner of even some more qualities. More you will read about her, more will you fall in love with her. 

So, lets get started.. :)

Expert at..?
Altered Projects, Mixed media and Layouts

When did you first feel that being crafty is going to be your way of life?
I've been doing Crafting and Painting from 7th Standard. I have always been motivated by My Parents and Teachers. I had participate a lot in Youth Festivals, Inter-College Competitions and much much more. It gives me recognition and encouragement. I realized than this is gonna be passion in my life. Creating anything give me a sense of relief and calmness. 

Your first creation was a:
An Oil Painting

Your favorite crafting technique is:
My fave crafting technique is combining various mixed media techniques into one.

Share your best and worst (if any) client experiences:
I had designed layout for Girl, she wanted to gift it to her Fiancee. She was so happy as her fiancee really loved that layout. This is what i try to do bring smiles in other lives.

What have you learnt from your experiences in this luxurious field?
I have learnt one important thing from this field that patience can leads to greatest achievements

Do you prefer shopping for makeup kits and accessories or crafting supplies?

What are the 5 things you can't do without?
Fiskars Trimmer, Heat Gun, Glue Gun, Spray Bottle, Embossing Powder, Tiny scissors, Acrylic Colors and list goes on 

You are the last person in this world, what would you do?
Well I want to spend as much as time with my mother.

What would you like to make for Crazy Crafts? :P (I know I am being crazy, but would love to hear)
I'm loving Photography these days so would like to capture something for Crazy Crafts :D
**Well, wow.. ;) my products will be honored... ;) **

A quick tip to your readers
Motivate yourself, Don't be dependent on others!! You're an wonderful person who never learns to give up :)
**I really like this tip.. :)**

Your favorite crafters?
Neha Bhatt from Periwinkle Creations and Kelly Foster

Your first earning was from and how much?
I use to Create Landscape Scenes on Chart for School Projects.I remember, had earned Rs 150/- through someone's school project. 

How do you manage home and crafts?
Well its not that easy, But I'm Thankful to my Mother who supports throughout this. It's make my work much easier.

Multiple of craft projects to showcase. A huge variety she has in her work. Have a look:

Photography Projects:

Mixed Media:

Fabulously created FANTASY World... :)

Very beautiful.. Amazing work.. To know more about her work, visit:
To buy crafting supplies from her, visit:

Trust me she is amazing.. :)



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