Rupa Ray Burman - Multi Talented and Very Respected Crafter

Hello everyone..!!

Its a nice weekend and today I want to share the profile of a very talented crafter from
I love your smile mam.. :)
Calcutta. I really respect her a lot. She is very experienced and really talented.

She is a photographer, crafter, good mom, pretty cute and much more hidden qualities. :) We could not find out everything, but here is a short introduction with her. 

Expert at..?
Paper crafts..

When did you first feel that being crafty is going to be your way of life?
Difficult to say...started very young but my creativity took shape after marriage since I had some freedom to follow my passion...

Your first creation was a:
Don't remember what I created first but around when I was 12/13 I created a sofa set out of match boxes which gained tremendous appreciation...every other person was asking me to make one for them.

Your favorite crafting technique is:
Endless field...

Share your best and worst (if any) client experiences:
My clients are my students...
I have a student named Purvi Dand. She did a course on Punch craft with me. She is also a craft teacher. About a fortnight after she finished her course one fine afternoon she paid me a visit and waited patiently till I winded up my class. Then she came up to me and handed me an envelope. I asked her "" What's this?"" She told me "" Mam...This is my first earning for punch craft and I want to give it to you as my gurudakhshina""....

What have you learnt from your experiences in this luxurious field?
Just keep on doing your good work...

Do you prefer shopping for makeup kits and accessories or crafting supplies?
I am not a shopoholic...
I buy things if I need them...

What are the 5 things you can't do without?
1.  Crafting
2.  Photography
3.  Cuddling my daughters
4.  Singing
5.  Chinese food.

You are the last person in this world, what would you do?
I will wait till God takes me away....

A quick tip to your readers
1.  Learn the correct tricks and techniques.
2.  Gain knowledge.
3.  Listen to your instincts rather than others advice. They might b wrong.
4.  Think...breathe and then shop.
5.  Stop criticizing... 

Your favorite crafters?
There are many...
I will mention 3. These three students have followed me like May's little lamb...never tried to show that they know everything and can do better than me...who have respected me from the core of their heart..
1.  Pooja Kothari
2.  Kavita Bagul
3.  Archana Kedia


Have a look at these amazing creations. I wish I could post as many photos as possible. ;)

Every creation is unique, neat and clean. Thanks for being a part of this. Thank you so much.

Feeling happy.. :)

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  1. Thank you rupali...love to read this...she is my favourite...I follow her :) but not like Mary's little lamb...:)n I totally agree she is a multi talented lady .