Rupa Swaminathan - The Flawless Recycler

Ready to meet our next SUPER STAR of this dashing Crafts field? She is really a superstar of recycling crafts specially. I initially used to make 'best out of waste' type of things but my point of view changed completely when I saw her work. She can recycle anything and every thing into a jaw dropping piece of art.
Beauty + Talent

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Expert at..?
Painting and paper crafts..

When did you first feel that being crafty is going to be your way of life?
The day I got married and had to set up my "Home", I decided I will get only my art works displayed and wouldn't buy any! That's how the interest started.

Your first creation was a:
A stained glass painting which I still treasure, this was way back in 1995!
**Wow.. she has been doing wonders since I was so young..!! :) ;)**

Your favorite crafting technique is:
I love altered art and love to re cycle. Most of my projects have an up cycled item from our house hold trash and love creating textures and 3D flowers.

Share your best and worst (if any) client experiences:
I was a client before I started having clients! So as a client I am clear about the order details, time of delivery and payment too and so I expect the same from my clients too and make sure these are done properly to ensure a lasting and smooth relationship. 

What have you learnt from your experiences in this luxurious field?
Crafting is an expensive hobby, lol ! But a great stress buster and creating art in any form is what keeps me sane!

Do you prefer shopping for makeup kits and accessories or crafting supplies?
I LOVE shopping and if you had asked me this a couple of years back, I would say clothes and accessories but priorities have changed now! There is no end to buying crafting supplies....the list is always ON!

What are the 5 things you can't do without?
In big shot, glue gun, heat gun, distress inks,hand made paper.

You are the last person in this world, what would you do?
Make hay while the sun shines! I would do all that pleases me only for a little while cos without sharing there is no happiness!

What would you like to make for Crazy Crafts? :P (I know I am being crazy, but would love to hear)
Some crazy up cycled altered art...have you seen that side of me,(wink) ???
**Would Love to see.. ;)**

A quick tip to your readers
A hobby is a MUST and I always say... don't throw that Trash away! They are precious and there is so much that can be done with them. Trash is precious!
**I love the tip.. I want my mom to read this.. ;)**

Your favorite crafters?
I have been deeply inspired by Tim Holtz techniques and Gabrielle Pollacos mixed media works.

Your first earning was from and how much?
I did a summer camp for kids in 2001 and earned close to 7000/

How do you manage home and crafts?
I have an extremely understanding family and my kids love to see me crafting. They know I am a better person doing that than NOT doing that, lol!


Happy to share her crafts work.. Have a look at these "Trash to Treasure" creations. 

I would like to add in here.. Can you find the hidden element on which the album rests? Even I spent so much of time finding that.. There is an old iron behind this.. This is real creativity.. Hats off to you mam.. :)

Read the full reveal here: 

Do visit her blog, you will be forced to think, "is it possible??"



  1. Wow! are such a sweet heart! This is such a lovely write up and am so so honored to be featured here. I really hope people tale to paper crafting and that to to re cycled crafting. There is so much scope! Big hugs dear and continue with your good work. Big Hugs.

  2. Thank you..!! I really want people to get involved in this everlasting field.. :)
    Keep inspiring.. :)