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Elegant Beauty
Our today's crafter is very bubbly, soft spoken and a successful woman - VISHAKHA MITTAL. Seriously telling you, I approached her for the friend request just because I found her cute and she resemble the gorgeous Deepti Naval ji.. 

Who says no?? No one can say NO as she looks like her. ;) She is damn cute and has magic in her fingers. Then I started looking at her work which is really awesome - images will explain it all. :)

Without wasting time, read on her interesting interview. :)

Expert at..?
Paper Crafts

When did you first feel that being crafty is going to be your way of life?
Eleven years back, when my mom had taught me how to make envelopes. I started exploring new designs of envelopes and then cards, jewelery, creative packaging and finally scrapbooking. And now even though i hold a very good position at a leading MNC crafting is still the love of my life. If my job is for living, crafting is for soul.

Your first creation was a:
A cute envelope, shirt shaped :P:P

Your favorite crafting technique is:
Mine is a very free style way of working, i like to use anything and everything under the sun to make my work look creative. To name a one, vintage is one of my favorite.

Share your best and worst (if any) client experiences:
Best is when my client appreicates my efforts, i would nt really like to tell my worst :P

What have you learnt from your experiences in this luxurious field?
I have learnt to be more creative, where i find sky is the limit, life is my canvas and ocean is the pool of supplies.

Do you prefer shopping for makeup kits and accessories or crafting supplies?
Definite answer, crafting supplies

What are the 5 things you can't do without?
For crafting a desired peace:

1. My ideas
2. My confidence
3. My passion
4. My mom
5. Scoreboard, tapes, glues.... the list is unlimited

You are the last person in this world, what would you do?
Craft, craft and craft until i die !!!!

What would you like to make for Crazy Crafts? :P (I know I am being crazy, but would love to hear)
A beautiful tiara! 
For the beautiful girl.
**;) Can yo see me smiling?? :P ;) **

A quick tip to your readers
Make your cant's into can's and your dreams into plans.
**I totally agree.. :)**

Your favorite crafters?
Gabrille Pollaco: Mix media Artist
Liz Moran : Heartfelt creations

Your first earning was from and how much?
30 rs selling the same envelope to my mom :P
**How cute.. :)**

How do you manage home and crafts?
"hmmmm, good question.. along with work its difficult yes, but where lies passion you tend to adjust your schedules.

Crafting is my meditation and only way of relaxing, so i can sacrifice my sleep for it :)"

 A huge variety she has in her work. Have a look:

An eye candy for Spring Season.. :)

A tissue box

Because, MOM is best.. :)

She also works for Imaginations - Online crafting supply store.. Must check for awesome crafting supplies.. :)

I hope you liked this.. :)


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