Mixed Media Background I Made

Hello everyone, long time again.. No? :p

I have made a mixed media background though which I enter the 'Create Something Catchy's Challenge'. This is my second try in mixed media and my first one was also not so bad. :P

See what I have done:
1. A plain piece of MDF board was covered with Primer to give a white look like this:

2. Then it was covered with blue paint - favorite of most of my clients ;)
3. Then I used small rings - from a spiral cord - normally used in spiral binding and formed pyramid type structures on both the ends. 
**I don't have the pictures of in between proceedings. :P
4. Then spray some white paint - maximum in middle section.
5. Now paint the rings with white paint as a base coat.

 6. Then comes yellow, some dark blue and purple shades on my spray brush. Again the density is maximum in central section.

7. Spread some purple color on the rings with the help of brush.

8. Can you recognize the stamps? ;) Used the butterfly stamp in darker color to give it a look and the base background is ready. :)

9. After adding flowers, embellishments etc. it came out to be this. Cool na? I am actually loving my work this time. :D

 Will share the whole project soon. Hope you like it. :)


  1. Beautiful. I really like how u used those rings.

  2. This is beautiful Rupali. Thanks for playing along with CSCC Aug challenge- week 4. Good luck. :)