Diwali Crafts - Paper Lamp/Lantern

Hey guys..!!

Today I present to you my another handmade creation focussed specially for this festive season. It is a handmade - completely handmade paper lamp or you can say lantern. The colors and decoration may vary according to your choice. Being focussed for the festive season, I used traditional pink and green paper to cover it.

I made it to size 6inches by 9 inches - pretty huge na? ;) But I like it being placed in a beautiful corner of your house or verandah. 

So, have a look at the final product.

Differentviews of the lamp.

Used yellow LED tea light candles, you can use white or any other colored tea light candle.

Do share your views about the creation.

For any queries related to the materials used, please refer to the list below:
1. White ivory sheet - almost full sheet was used
2. Pattern paper - any design of your choice
3. Vellum Sheet - bought from
4. White Laces - my sister bought from USA... ;)
5. Colored stones bought from local market
6. Rose stickers - imported ;) my sister bought these
7. White pearls - bought from local market
8. LED tea light candles from local market

If you get a chance to try these, do share your creations. :)

Happy crafting..!!


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