Happy Diwali from Crazy Crafts

Hello all,

First of all Crazy Crafts wishes you a very very Happy, Safe & Prosperous Diwali..!! :)

I know you all must be busy and already had a hectic schedule - crafting, #DiwaliKiSafai, orders and much more... So, to swipe away all your tiredness and put a smile on your faces, Crazy Crafts brings to you a small sum up of sweet wishes from some of your fellow crafters. :)

A big THANK YOU to all the people who considered my request and sent in the AVs.. :) Many of them were not camera friendly(including me) :P but still they wanted to contribute and they did which made me super happy. I could make only a smaller one :P.

Another THANK YOU is for the people who all considered my request but could not make it due to varied reasons. Next time, I'll definitely have your contribution here. :)

I am really happy that you all took out some time to create and send wishes for all of fellow crafters. :)

Have a look at the wishes:

Details about the contributors:
1. Rupa Swaminathan: TOFA
2. Maninder Kaur: Rainbow Craftykari
3. Dr. Pratyusha: Pratvam Progs
4. Niharika Gupta: Niharika Expressions
5. Rashmi Jajodia: Handmade by Rashmi Jajodia
6. Hemalatha Narayan: Love 4 Scrapbooking

Thanks for watching..!! :)



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