SUPER Shadow/Memory Box + Scrapbook, Full of Memories!

So,here I am to showcase one of my biggest creations till now. Biggest because it gave me new experiences and it was for a lovely couple around me so it was important and also the size matters ;)

Ok. Let me tell you what it is and why is it close to me. 
'It was overwhelming, THANK YOU is such a small word for that' 
I could see the emotions in his eyes but I could not respond well.. I was.. I was so shaken.. Out of excitement obviously. 

When you get to hear this from the client himself, you definitely feel proud of those long plannings, shopping and most importantly, sleepless nights. That day I was satisfied that I have done something good. :) because making a client feel the emotions of the person who has gifted that treasure is the best feeling in this world, for a crafter. :)

I was speechless and confused when he personally thanked me, over excited and nervous actually, he is the director of the company I work for. :)

Enough of bragging? Ok... Sorry guys ;) let me reveal:

It could not be captured to that level as excited I was, but somehow I managed to create a post :p



The left side photograph will be covered when album is stuck on it. Magnets are there on its back. :)

The album is so simple as the client demanded! :)













Birthday Boy.. so busy with the gift.. ;)

The last page of the album contained an invitation to the dinner for the couple.. But I missed clicking it.. :( 

These are just the flap pages, each page contains 2 leaves for photographs and messages. Check them out here:

Direct link:

What made me happy?
- Happy and satisfied faces after delivering the project
- I could meet their expectations
- Tried hidden hinge binding for the first time
- Made a big scrapbook for the first time
- Everything is handmade

Supplies used:
1. DCWV heirloom paper pack from Crafters Corner (my first purchase from their store and I was quite happy for my choice and their services ;) )
2. Black cardstock for the base and everything
3. Chipboard for the cover
4. Ribbons, double sided tape and much more.... :)


  1. Hi Rupali, this album is so beautiful !

    Following your blog :)

    1. Thankyou Rashmi for the compliment and following as well :)

  2. This album is good.... can u tell me how to do nd where can i get those materials used to do the scrapbook.

  3. Thankyou @sowjanya... It will be difficult to explain here. Can you send me your email id? Tutorial is tough but i can send you the list of vendors for the materials. :)