Tri-fold card with a 3D surprise inside!

Hello buddies!!
Hope you all are doing good!!

Today I am here to share one of my latest creations that is a tri-fold card that holds a zig-zag accordion inside. The couple is blessed with a very sweet daughter who is the center of their lives and this card :)

They love pink, they love their friends, they love their daughter and they love LIFE! :)
So, here is the reveal of the card in the form of video and then photographs!  Have a look :)

Wondering about the pretty die-cuts? These are from Konica Das - owner of Craftyscrappers

tri-fold handmade card

close view of tri-fold handmade card

Matching evelope and tri-fold handmade card

Complete view of tri-fold handmade card

Central view of tri-fold handmade card

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Thanks for watching! :)


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