Vintage Abloom Tri-fold Card!

Hello fellas,

Here I am with another creation of mine to which I have given a name - Vintage abloom tri-fold card! I think am in love with the trio ;)

This is a birthday card which hold spaces for photographs and messages along with the sentiments on top :)

Here is the complete look of the card followed by the brief tutorial.


Below is the brief tutorial of the card:
1. Take white card stock of approx 12 inches in width and 8.0 inches height. Fold it in such a way that first half is of 5 inches and other half is 7 inches wide.

2. Take another card stock of 11.5 inches in width and 5 inches in height. Fold it in half. This piece will be placed inside the former card as show below:

3. The base is ready, next is to decorate it with papers, embellishments, sentiments and everything you want :) - collected, measured, cut and all set to be pasted.

Paper pack I used:

4. For the cover, I decided an arrangement for which preparations are as follows:


5. Paste other paper pieces as well to give a look like:

6. Stamped a sentiment and pasted some stickers.

7. Some flowers, rhinestones and it's done! :)

It was a new trial for me. I hope you enjoyed it :)

For any queries, you can leave a comment below :)

Keep crafting, enjoy & take care. 


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