Create your own bright and beautiful backgrounds for cards!

Hey peeps!
Hope you all are doing good..!!

Today, I am here with a new and crisp post for creating backgrounds for cards using some of my favorite craft supplies. 

Here is a quick view of the results I got:

Now, let me brief how it was done. :)

Supplies used:

1. Black embossing powder & versamark watermark inks
2. Spray inks - I used inks from Craftyscrappers; Shades I selected are Grape Juice & Soft Peach
3. Heat gun
4. Kaisercraft Swirl stamp

Some basic supplies: card stock, lace punching machine, flowers of your choice, leave die-cuts, sentiment stamps of your choice, sparkle tape etc.


1. Take a card stock of the size slightly lesser than your card size. 
2. Decide of the patterns you want to incorporate on background. Use versamark and stamp on the white cardstock.
3. Sprinkle the embossing powder and use heat gun to heat emboss the base background.
4. Completing the previous step, use pink spray ink to give it a color. The embossed pattern will be highlighted even better. 
5. Now use peach shade for slight texture & color.
6. Use heat gun to let it dry.
7. Lastly, sprinkle few water droplets to give it a faded look at certain points. 

Tadaaa... the background is done. Now, just embellish and complete the card! :)

Happy receiver!

It was so easy peesy! No?

Waiting to see your results :)


Why and how paper crafting keeps me high?

Being high... people need different things to get high. Similarly, I need different things to get high... like writing a poem or paper crafting or eating favorite junk... Sounds similar?

But seriously, I get high when I see new and shining craft supplies, FREE shipping, heavy discounts, when I see someone's new creation, I find a new crafter, a new workshop or event in my city, new techniques, new ideas and what not. They all make me feel blessed, happy and different from many other people around me. So, I just wanted to see what makes me happy and is it identical to what you feel?

Today, this post does not hold any tutorial or a fancy creation but the 'self-realization'. Have a look and share your experiences too 

1. Happiness is handmade: 

Many things bring happiness but handmade is something which is my all time favorite. Whether someone makes it for me or I make it for someone... the beauty makes me ecstatic and I can't get enough of it. :D
It simply 'transfers' the love, the emotions, the care for you. If you are ever gifted a handmade thing, trust me, you are the luckiest person. 

2. Funny clients to keep you awake: 

We come across several people who actually order and several others who pretend to be the buyers. Such people(pretenders) keep me high because they have a fantastic sense of humor... but when it goes over your head, simply ask for an advance payment. They'll never bother you again.. lol.

There are a few others who ask you to ship the products in other part of the country with excessive customization but you have 4 hours to complete the order as I need the products exactly 3 days after today's conversation :P
There are certain more type of clients and here is the cheat sheet on how to deal with such different type of clients. ;) 

3. Gift yourself what you want: 

O Yeah! who doesn't like to be pampered? But if someone like me lacks this feeling in life, we crafters know very well how to pamper ourselves. We create something awesome and gift it to ourselves or exchange with each other :D

See an example:
I made this for myself :D 
From my crafty friend Manjit

4. Expenses are always greater than the earnings: 

This one makes me go crazy. How to manage finances? God knows... Job, no leaves, work extra, save more, sacrifice your favorite clothes or accessories or shoes to buy that paper pack or trimmer... Oh wait, I need flowers and pretty stickers too... Some more sacrifice baby... keeps me awake. :P

If that is not enough, I have my CA - my mommy to remind me of that :P 

5. Appreciations - my blood group is A(ppreciation)+. 

Of course we need food but without blood, will your body survive?


So, we need an ample amount of blood supply i.e. appreciation for all the efforts we do. :) Lack of which leads to lower energy levels. To keep my spirits & HB(hemoglobin) levels as required, I prefer clients who are never short of praises.

From owner of Papericious - Aastha Jain

6. You learn a new thing everyday: 

Learn & earn. I love this part of my passion. I try to learn newer things everyday. Yeah I am lazy to try all of them but I do try few of them... But knowing and increasing my knowledge levels is what keeps me going.

7. It can make you famous: 

Do your best and who knows you become a renowned person one day. I am waiting for mine day to come... :P

8. No rules: 

Its no rocket science and hence no rules to be followed - the best part probably. Moreover, you can see the results instantly which makes us satisfied or dissatisfied, letting us know what shall be done further. For a person like me, it is very necessary to have a change and result oriented tasks... different thinking and try what you want. :) 

9. Broader network: 

Through crafts, you can know more and more people around the world. It is crafts which helped me have a huge network and good friendship with cool people - from all around the country & some abroad as well. With more people in contact, you explore and learn more. 

I love connecting. Do you? 
For an introvert like me, its soooo much ;)

10. Make in India: 

We are buying Indian products and selling to Indians(majorly). Don't you think we are great enough to take part in MAKE IN INDIA campaign? ;) hehe..

On a serious note, if not me, we have many crafters/entrepreneurs who are doing exceptionally well in the industry and are able to build up a brand - making us all proud.

Pretty good reasons to follow your passion. Isn't it?

But honestly, I love crafting so I try to make best of the things and memories. Art is a God's gift and we must appreciate it. :)

What all keeps you HIGHly motivated?

Waiting to hear from you! :)


Mixed Media Diary - Step by Step Tutorial

Hey fellas!

Hope you are doing great!!
I have been away for some time, creating few things and writing few posts. I have been away from my crafts blog for quite some time as I took certain experiments and want to share one of my best creations so far. This is my favorite because of my love for diaries. :)

Coming up is the series of pictures of final creation followed by the step by step procedure.

Here is how I completed this project:

Step 1: I applied white Gesso all over the surface and let it dry. Then I started fixing the elements I chose for the project.

Step 2: Here is a look with all the tits bits fixed with tacky glue. 
Wait! Did you notice that gel pen refill? ;)

Step 3: Once all is fixed, let it dry and apply the white gesso all over. Use the heat gun to make it dry. 
Fingers crossed as I am working on mixed media after a long time... So, I am a bit skeptical how it will come out to be... So, Fingers crossed. 

Step 4: What about some embossing? I love it. I just used some writing textures' stamp and light blue embossing powder. 

Step 5: Emboss the texture using heat gun before you use spray paints. 

Step 6: Now that's an interesting one. You need to choose what colors you want... tip-i-tip-i tap, what color you want? ;)
I chose: Ocean Waves, Mystical Sky and Sweet shine shimmer spray colors from Craftyscrappers. 

Step 7: See the effect of first spray:

Now some magic of mystical sky. See how beautiful the embossed effect came up.

what about some sweet sunshine. 
Blue + Yellow = Green. Hence this effect.

Have a closer look at the resin frame. I added some matching sparkle to it.

Once all of it is dried up, I added some metallic silver color to bring out the highlights.

color sprays effect

Mixed media diary

Mixed media notebook

I hope you liked it. :)

Waiting for your feedback :)

Till then, keep crafting!! :)


Type of clients you meet & how to handle them?

Everyday I see lot of frustration prevailing among entrepreneurs of almost all fields but in crafts, I think this is getting prominent. May be because of the super attractive products and the desire to own them. But when customers make up their mind to buy it, oh man! you demand money. That's rude.. No?

Obviously it is. You made it at home, shouldn't it be free? Pheww.. Never mind. We have few solutions for you. Although, getting irritated & frustrated at some queries from clients is something I don't provide solutions for this because asking is their right and if they don't convert to become our clients, we need to work on rather than being upset. :)

1. The Inquisitive Mind: Precisely, the curious ones. 

Characteristic features: curious of each and everything - even where do you the buy materials from, hyperactive, very talkative, super friendly and sometimes become frustrating because they are interested in  your work way too much - they even want to know how and where you are going to place that pretty red rhinestone. phewww!

How to handle them: 

When they push you so much that you are about to feed their curiosity, stop and think that its going to be 'harmful' in future. Then what to do?
 - When they ask some of the silliest things like how do you manage to paste a flower on the card, tell them that you are busy with their order only and lesser time to focus might hamper the productivity. :)
 - Fix a time slot in the starting to discuss things with your clients. Like in the evening when you are on a break.
 - Tell them its paid. :P Yes. tell them that you have a tutorial and you can buy it here. :P They won't ask you again. Trust me.

2. The Daydreamer: 

They fantasize about so many things in one go because their imagination is at expert level. But if you can make these imaginations practical, you'll be on cloud 9 because they are the best appreciators too. If you make their dreams come true, they'll be so happy and will make you also happy.
But, their interference in  the meantime can be problematic.

Here is how to deal with them: 

Even though they will be characterized by words like "it should be wow!!", "it should be something fantastic and like no one has seen it before". Yeah, its going to be tough but try to understand what they exactly want; like some sample of the things they want. And if you are imaginative to that level, tell them you can easily formulate it but it need ample amount of TIME & MONEY. If you both agree, try to fill in the voids of the end product they want - get the details mentioned.

3. The Unaware ones: Probably the first time buyers.

"Hey! I don't know how you do it. I hope I can trust you! I hope I am not being overcharged."
Sounds similar?
Such clients are the one who are somewhat detached from the growing world so they always want to make sure that they are not being mistreated and overcharged. They will bring many new challenges with them - interesting ones though.

How to meet their expectations: 

Be patient & transparent. Explain them the things(clear their doubts) in simplest form (visuals can be helpful) so that they can digest that information.
Most importantly, write down what all you have discussed.

4. The Smarty Pants: A complete packet of knowledge of your business.

They know everything about your work - how to do it and what exactly to do at what time. But still they'll hire you... You know!!
I seriously don't know why :P
Anyhow, client bhagwan h... :D

How to tackle: 

Use your psychological powers here: let them have the control over you - this is what they want. Here, you both know same things but being a wise human, its better to surrender(if you really wanna take the order else refuse). Compliment them regularly and don't make issues of all little things so that you don't end up hating them. :)

5. The Mean/Miser ones: 

They want the products at a respective budget in their hands... who cares about quality! Yes, who ask you to use lower down the quality of raw materials and provide them the desired product at cheapest rate - they usually have a strict budget.

How to handle:

For them, you need to tell them you don't lower down the quality of your work so it's not manageable. If you really want to work on it, plan something which is quickest to do because TIME = MONEY!
NOTE: a. Ask for the payment in advance: they see high quality but get low quality(on request) so the stuff is obviously un-matchable. Who knows if they'll pay you or not. :P
b. They usually bargain to zenith, so quote the prices accordingly.

6. The Marathon Runner: They give you deadline but need the work to be done before that.

These are usually busy bees but need the deadlines to be met... strictly.
What kind of things they say: They need the project to be done in 6 days but they are so 'workaholic' they miss 2 days in between and ask to deliver products in 4 days only.
They can be over demanding. You need to tackle them smartly.

How to tackle: 

- Stick to your deadlines - keep the proof of the deadline decided as they can be tricky.
- Be cautious enough that you don't lose your calm and hamper any other projects.

Plan well

7. The Assigners: Coolest to work with.

They know the quality of your work, what you do and hire you for the same. The best part is that they want you to do the work as per your knowledge & experience. Just show them the results on time :)

How to handle:

They are all sorted out already so you don't need much of efforts. You just need to value their opinions, time and be honest with them. If you respect them, they will appreciate you even more.
These are my favorite ones.

8. The Helping hand: 

ahaa... we all must have faced them. They want to contribute to it anyhow.
"I want this gift to be made for my bf/gf so I want that I also contributor in it. Let me help you please :D"
You are stuck now; specially if you are like me: like to work alone.
They'll interrupt you at every point.

How to handle: 

Keep them busy - may be in research work. Who knows they give you best of the ideas. :)
On a positive note: you can learn team work from them(I need it badly :P )
Also, you improve your teaching skills and learn many new things.

I guess I have covered all of the type of clients we can handle and how to tackle them... I hope you don't have any problem in future ;)
Do share your experiences... Wanna add any other type of clients? Comment below :)

Tight hugs!
Keep crafting :)
Rupali Goyal


We go together like... CAS card - DIY Tutorial!

Hey Peeps,
I hope you all are doing great!!

Today I am here with my most recent inspiration for Craftyscrappers Blog and new contest: CAS cards!

Yes, the brand new challenge is to make CAS cards. The acronym CAS stands for Clean And Simple. 
The parameters are:

  • One focal point
  • Lots of white (or open) space
  • Minimal layers and embellishments

Sounds interesting? Its more fun to make it. I have made a quick & simple card for the inspiration keeping the center of focus as the Craftyscrappers stamps. The stamp set used is: We Go Together.

The other items used are:
1. Brown thick cardstock for the base
2. Green colored cardstock for the front layer
3. We go together stamp set
4. Zing sparkle black embossing powder
5. Memento ink of your favorite color for sentiments - I used the pink one
6. Adhesives, versamark watermark stamp pad, ruler, cutter, scissors

Let's get started:
1. Let us create the top layer first. Take the green card stock cut into the size slightly lesser than that of your card size.
2. Pick out the favorite combo - I used Tea & biscuit for it.
3. Apply versamark ink and stamp in the center of the card.
4. Sprinkle the the embossing powder to make the perfect cover of it. Remove the excess of it and put it back in the bottle. You can use dry brush also to remove the excess powder.
5. Heat emboss it. I don't have heating gun, so I have used inverted iron technique to emboss it :D Thank god the paper didn't turn black ;)
6. The main image is ready. Now, stamp the supporting sentiment on the card. I did: We go together like Tea & Biscuit
How cute... no?

The final one: Paste the top layer on the base layer and you are done... Tadaaa!
Have a look:

The supplies(major ones) are from Craftyscrappers. You can shop for them here.

I hope you like it guys! Do leave some love in comments :)

Take care!


Rupali Goyal


Life is Magical... with my LOVE - Altered Project :)

Hey peeps!
How are you all doing!!

This post will let you step in the weekend with more fun :)
You all might have seen my DT kit from Craftyscrappers. If not, you can view it here.

The stuff is so tempting and high quality that you won't be able to resist. Today, as DT member of Craftyscrappers, I am happy to share yet another creation of mine using beautiful stamp, stencils and die cuts from Konica - Craftyscrappers and shining sequins from Madras Bazaar.

You know what, I loved working on these because of above mentioned reason and also because that's so close to me. Title suggests some and rest will be revealed right here right now... I altered the tin case of my favorite fountain pen. The case was in silver, pen is golden and black in color. Don't you think it's a mismatch? So here I put on my crafty gloves to make them a perfect match. Have a look:

Brief tutorial:
1. Apply white Gesso on the tin box on the outer side and on the top inner side.

2. Mix the powdered metallic paint in modge podge to form a liquid color ad apply all over the surface of the case - on outer side.

3. Take the red distress ink, the Circle & hearts stencil and make the pattern evenly on both the pieces. It will look like this:

4. Now I have gathered some chinna minna stuff, embellishments and a huge flower with a pretty sentiment.
5. Then I colored the inner base with red and simply pasted the 'my love' sentiment. I wanted it to be simple elegant and pretty matching with my pen.

Stuff I have used:
1. Stencil: Circle & Hearts; CODE: CS-STNL-01
2. Stamp for the sentiment: Magical Birthday designed by Shobha Agarwal; CODE: ST-BD-11
3. Die cuts: CODE: CS-DCS-01
All above 3 from Craftyscrappers!

4. Sequins: The Blushing Sunrise sequins from Madras Bazaar.

I hope you all liked this. :)

Thanks for watching guys!
Keep crafting and stay happy!!

Rupali Goyal


Using the Foil die cuts & revealing my DT kit!

How are you all? Had a colorful Holi? Me too... but not with colors :D I had colorful crafty Holi. :)
After the Holi inspirations, we got a happy mail from Konica - our DT kits with lot of new and amazing products. Today, I am going to disclose the contents of my DT kit and the creation using some of those contents. :)

So, are you ready for the reveal? A loud yes.. yeahh... cool! So, here are the beautiful products from Carftyscrappers team for you. The codes are mentioned on each of the products for ordering purposes; you just need to email us the list of products you want to pamper yourself. :)

Now, without a delay, have a look at what we have in the DT kit :)

Moving further, here is my sweet creation using the foil die cuts and the shaker elements from Madras Bazaar. We are so happy to collaborate with the fantabulous brand and using the shaker elements was amazing. I just loved the colors and that chinni si packing ;) Perfect for cards and any purpose you want to use. Have a look:

I hope you enjoyed the creation :) Those who could not watch the video, here are some pictures of the project :)

Looking forward to you lovely feed back :)
Rupali Goyal