Type of clients you meet & how to handle them?

Everyday I see lot of frustration prevailing among entrepreneurs of almost all fields but in crafts, I think this is getting prominent. May be because of the super attractive products and the desire to own them. But when customers make up their mind to buy it, oh man! you demand money. That's rude.. No?

Obviously it is. You made it at home, shouldn't it be free? Pheww.. Never mind. We have few solutions for you. Although, getting irritated & frustrated at some queries from clients is something I don't provide solutions for this because asking is their right and if they don't convert to become our clients, we need to work on rather than being upset. :)

1. The Inquisitive Mind: Precisely, the curious ones. 

Characteristic features: curious of each and everything - even where do you the buy materials from, hyperactive, very talkative, super friendly and sometimes become frustrating because they are interested in  your work way too much - they even want to know how and where you are going to place that pretty red rhinestone. phewww!

How to handle them: 

When they push you so much that you are about to feed their curiosity, stop and think that its going to be 'harmful' in future. Then what to do?
 - When they ask some of the silliest things like how do you manage to paste a flower on the card, tell them that you are busy with their order only and lesser time to focus might hamper the productivity. :)
 - Fix a time slot in the starting to discuss things with your clients. Like in the evening when you are on a break.
 - Tell them its paid. :P Yes. tell them that you have a tutorial and you can buy it here. :P They won't ask you again. Trust me.

2. The Daydreamer: 

They fantasize about so many things in one go because their imagination is at expert level. But if you can make these imaginations practical, you'll be on cloud 9 because they are the best appreciators too. If you make their dreams come true, they'll be so happy and will make you also happy.
But, their interference in  the meantime can be problematic.

Here is how to deal with them: 

Even though they will be characterized by words like "it should be wow!!", "it should be something fantastic and like no one has seen it before". Yeah, its going to be tough but try to understand what they exactly want; like some sample of the things they want. And if you are imaginative to that level, tell them you can easily formulate it but it need ample amount of TIME & MONEY. If you both agree, try to fill in the voids of the end product they want - get the details mentioned.

3. The Unaware ones: Probably the first time buyers.

"Hey! I don't know how you do it. I hope I can trust you! I hope I am not being overcharged."
Sounds similar?
Such clients are the one who are somewhat detached from the growing world so they always want to make sure that they are not being mistreated and overcharged. They will bring many new challenges with them - interesting ones though.

How to meet their expectations: 

Be patient & transparent. Explain them the things(clear their doubts) in simplest form (visuals can be helpful) so that they can digest that information.
Most importantly, write down what all you have discussed.

4. The Smarty Pants: A complete packet of knowledge of your business.

They know everything about your work - how to do it and what exactly to do at what time. But still they'll hire you... You know!!
I seriously don't know why :P
Anyhow, client bhagwan h... :D

How to tackle: 

Use your psychological powers here: let them have the control over you - this is what they want. Here, you both know same things but being a wise human, its better to surrender(if you really wanna take the order else refuse). Compliment them regularly and don't make issues of all little things so that you don't end up hating them. :)

5. The Mean/Miser ones: 

They want the products at a respective budget in their hands... who cares about quality! Yes, who ask you to use lower down the quality of raw materials and provide them the desired product at cheapest rate - they usually have a strict budget.

How to handle:

For them, you need to tell them you don't lower down the quality of your work so it's not manageable. If you really want to work on it, plan something which is quickest to do because TIME = MONEY!
NOTE: a. Ask for the payment in advance: they see high quality but get low quality(on request) so the stuff is obviously un-matchable. Who knows if they'll pay you or not. :P
b. They usually bargain to zenith, so quote the prices accordingly.

6. The Marathon Runner: They give you deadline but need the work to be done before that.

These are usually busy bees but need the deadlines to be met... strictly.
What kind of things they say: They need the project to be done in 6 days but they are so 'workaholic' they miss 2 days in between and ask to deliver products in 4 days only.
They can be over demanding. You need to tackle them smartly.

How to tackle: 

- Stick to your deadlines - keep the proof of the deadline decided as they can be tricky.
- Be cautious enough that you don't lose your calm and hamper any other projects.

Plan well

7. The Assigners: Coolest to work with.

They know the quality of your work, what you do and hire you for the same. The best part is that they want you to do the work as per your knowledge & experience. Just show them the results on time :)

How to handle:

They are all sorted out already so you don't need much of efforts. You just need to value their opinions, time and be honest with them. If you respect them, they will appreciate you even more.
These are my favorite ones.

8. The Helping hand: 

ahaa... we all must have faced them. They want to contribute to it anyhow.
"I want this gift to be made for my bf/gf so I want that I also contributor in it. Let me help you please :D"
You are stuck now; specially if you are like me: like to work alone.
They'll interrupt you at every point.

How to handle: 

Keep them busy - may be in research work. Who knows they give you best of the ideas. :)
On a positive note: you can learn team work from them(I need it badly :P )
Also, you improve your teaching skills and learn many new things.

I guess I have covered all of the type of clients we can handle and how to tackle them... I hope you don't have any problem in future ;)
Do share your experiences... Wanna add any other type of clients? Comment below :)

Tight hugs!
Keep crafting :)
Rupali Goyal