Decoupage Wallet - from boring white to classy colors!

Hello everyone!

Today I am here to showcase one of my recent trials – the very first of its kind actually – decoupage on a plain white wallet.
Though its not a perfect one… but not so bad.
Next trials gonna be awesome I am sure…
What do you think?
You can find the references at the end of the post, but enjoy the outcome first :D

Before decoupage, it looked like:

Image for reference from Jasmine


Decoupage tissue - I don’t remember from where did I buy but Jasmine has a great collection or you can buy from any store of your choice.
Medium used to work on – Mod Podge
Stencil and inks used from Craftyscrappers
The script+butterfly stamp is from Kaiser Craft
Complete tutorial by none other than Rupa Swaminathan:

I hope you liked the creation and I truly appreciate your feedback and tips J

Hugs & kisses


  1. Awww... This is such a beautiful twin to the wallet that I have made! Thanks Rupali, that you tried this new art and to know that I have contributed in small way! Explore this art, it's addictive! Hugs.

    1. Thank you! Will try more things for sure :)