Masculine explosion box with vintage effect!

Hello dear reader!

Today I am here with my new make - an explosion box with some pictures, messages and lot of love. :)

This is a 4.584.5 inches, double layered box. 
Without a delay, I would like to share the complete video of the same. Have a look:

I just loved the complete box. Do you?

Let me know in comments what you like the most about this box. 

Thank you for stopping by! Keep loving :)



Subtle & Simple Anniversary Scrapbook

Heeellllooooo friends!!

I missed you all so much, missed being crafty, missed blogging and many such things... It has all been messy, hefty & shifty. I did lot of work in the first quarter of this year but could not post much. So, I am going to share one of the creations from that stock :)

Here is the very simple scrapbook I created for the couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Have a look:

This is all from me this time. 

Keep crafting, keep creating and keep enjoying...!!!

Thank you for stopping by!