About Me

Hey! Welcome to my blog. I am Rupali Goyal (Rupsa for loved ones) from Chandigarh.

I love blogging, paper crafts, shopping & cooking sometimes ;)

I had interest in crafts since my childhood when Drawing classes were always a favorite, completing arts & crafts home work was passion - even of siblings. :D
Recycling became my field of 'expertise' then and I used to make several things from many waste things around like soft drink bottles, packagings, boxes, cardboards, files, tissues etc.. Then, when I got familiar to internet, newspaper crafts, quilling became my love. Jewelry making was the 1st commercial thing for me. Till then I used to make 'Best out of waste' type of things only.
Few of my old creations:

After trying my hands in sketching, pot painting, fabric prints, emboss painting, recycling crafts, I now make cards, scrapbooks, mixed media wall arts, picture frames, key chains and almost everything I can think of. You can check the detailed posts for different categories on my blog only.

Apart from crafting, I have a 9 to 6 job which is satisfying too, I live with my family, I am a day dreamer, love being alone, working and writing. If you wanna know more about me, as a person, you can visit here.

Thank you for stopping by :)


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